Fit Friday


Well, these should all look familiar! I know y’all are super excited to do Crazy Planks again.😀 At least it’s only for a minute and you only have to do one round.😉

Here’s a couple of reminders to refresh your memory on some of the exercises:

HOP, HOP SQUATS – You’re moving forward and back. 2 Hops + the squat = 1 rep.

CRAZY PLANKS – It’s a combination of T-Plank Punches + 1 In & Out + 1 Wide In & Out…that all equals 1 rep.

GLOBE JUMPS – You’re moving in a square. Count each time you touch the ground as 1 rep.

PEDAL, LUNGE – Pedal 20 times quickly, then lunge once on one side, then switch and lunge on the other. That altogether = 1 rep.

SQUAT KICKS – After the squat, count the kick as 1 rep. Just remember that you’re switching legs each time you kick.

Have fun!😀

Fit Friday


Happy Friday!😀

Isn’t it nice to be able to choose your own workout…sort of? These are all exercises we went over at Bootcamp this week. When choosing, try to pick ones that you didn’t choose at Bootcamp. Variety is the spice of life.😉

Click here for the list of exercises to pick from: Exercise List

Remember, the strength exercises are to be done more slow and controlled. The cardio power exercises are to be done a little faster with more power to get your heart rate up. Watch your form and try to give it all your very best effort.

Have fun!😀

Fit Friday

I bet y’all will be so excited to do this again! At least this time you can do it inside…in the nice air conditioning. 😀 The only catch is that you have to choose a sequence different to what you picked at Bootcamp. Time yourself and see how long it takes. Have fun!

**DD = Downward Dog Pushups
**HR = Hand Release Pushups
**CR = Calf Raises
**Spiderman = Spiderman Crunches/Lunges