Spooky Fit Friday


For this Halloween inspired Fit Friday, you’re completing 31 seconds (for October 31st of course) of each exercise for 4 rounds. The amount of rest between sets and rounds is up to you! You can choose between completing all 4 rounds of each individual exercise, or by completing the list of exercises 4 times.

Have fun and Happy Halloween!

Fit Friday


YAY! Fall is here…my most favorite season! In celebration of the somewhat cooler temperatures, Fit Friday is your choice. You can choose any workout, prior Fit Friday, or simply go outside and walk/run in this lovely “Texas Fall” weather!

Fit Friday


Well, these should all look familiar! I know y’all are super excited to do Crazy Planks again.😀 At least it’s only for a minute and you only have to do one round.😉

Here’s a couple of reminders to refresh your memory on some of the exercises:

HOP, HOP SQUATS – You’re moving forward and back. 2 Hops + the squat = 1 rep.

CRAZY PLANKS – It’s a combination of T-Plank Punches + 1 In & Out + 1 Wide In & Out…that all equals 1 rep.

GLOBE JUMPS – You’re moving in a square. Count each time you touch the ground as 1 rep.

PEDAL, LUNGE – Pedal 20 times quickly, then lunge once on one side, then switch and lunge on the other. That altogether = 1 rep.

SQUAT KICKS – After the squat, count the kick as 1 rep. Just remember that you’re switching legs each time you kick.

Have fun!😀