Fit Friday for April 21st

It’s Friday, Friday…gotta get down on Friday…

Ok, so let me explain how this Fit Friday is going to go. You’re going to notice “10 x 10” for every exercise. So, what this means is that you’re going to do 10 reps of the main exercise, but 10 reps of a, lets say sub-exercise, in between.

For example:

10 x 10 In & Out Burpees would mean – 10 In & Outs + 1 Burpee – that is equal to 1 Burpee. So, you would repeat 10 In & Outs + 1 Burpee 10 times.

10 x 10 Plank Punch Pushups = 10 Plank Punches + 1 Pushup times 10.

10 x 10 Squat + Jumps = 10 Squats + 1 Jump times 10.

10 x 10 Flutter Kick Sit Ups = 10 Flutter Kicks + 1 Sit Up times 10.

10 x 10 High Knee Twist Jumping Jacks = 10 High Knee Twists + 1 Jumping Jack times 10.

As for counting, I will let you count each movement, so that will help ya out a little.

I know we’ve been doing a lot of pushups, burpees, etc., but your Fit Test will be here before you know it and I really want to see some spiked numbers!

Let me know if you have any questions about the workout! Have fun! ❤ 4-21

Fit Friday for April 7th


Miss Jena had a birthday on Monday! Happy Birthday! We celebrated her big day by sweating a lot and punching things! 😀

In honor of Jena, we will be focusing on reps for this Fit Friday. You will notice all of the exercises from our monthly Fit Tests. I really want y’all to kill your numbers the end of this month, so be prepared to do these a lot! The only way to get better is by doing…and doing we shall…

Warm up, stretch, cool down and most of all…have fun! ❤