Weekend Workout – February 23rd

Happy Friday Everyone!

It’s really hard planning Bootcamp workouts when the weather is so crazy! Hot, cold, humid, stormy…ahhhhh! I am so ready for Spring to be here and stay here!

Your workout for this weekend is sort of “choose your own”. It’s a list of all the exercises we did Wednesday night. You pick the 5 you want to do, 60/20 for 3 rounds… If you’re feeling skippy, feel free to pick more than 5, or you can choose a different 5 for each round. It’s all your choice!

Because of the weather, we may be completing our Team Challenge on Monday rather than Wednesday, so be ready for that! 😀

Have a great weekend! ❤


Weekend Workout – February 16th


First off, Happy, Happy Birthday to Caitlin! She becomes a teenager tomorrow…ahhhhh! Where has the time gone?! I hope you have an amazing day and stay tuned for a Birthday workout next week!

For your weekend workout, it’ll be similar to what we did as teams on Monday night. You’ll notice 2 rounds and 14 reps… just a little Valentines inspiration there! 😀 Everyone will have to complete this one in order to receive their extra workout point for this week.

Warm-up, cool down and have fun! ❤



Weekend Workout – February 9th


Congratulations to The Bod Squad for having the highest point total for the month of January! They showed up, they completed their extra workouts, they did their homework and they smashed their previous Fit Test numbers! The Slimsons were not far behind…they did an awesome job too! ❤ Way to go everyone!

So, how did y’all like the February Fit Test?! I hope you didn’t hate it too much because your Weekend Workout incorporates most of the exercises from Wednesday… Hey, I’m just trying to make you stronger! 😀

Have a great weekend and get after that workout!! ❤


Weekend Workout – February 2nd


First I want to say how proud I am of everyone and their improvements over this past  month. You’ve all worked so hard, and I think last night’s Team Challenge really shows that! You all did your “homework”, which I’m also really proud of. It shows your determination to reach your goals. I love my Bootcamp family! ❤

It’s kind of crazy that it’s already February! Time flies when you’re having fun, right? For your weekend workout, it’s a recap from Monday night’s Roll-and-Run! It’ll take you less than 20 minutes to complete the workout.


Stay tuned to find out January’s winning Team!!!!! 😀