Fit Friday for July 14th

Happy Friday! 😀

How does it feel to be back in the swing of things?! You’re all off to a great start, especially considering that it’s a million degrees outside. 😉

For your first Fit Friday of this session, we’re going to play Mastermind again! You will choose three different combination codes, then complete each exercise in the order you have listed. Either comment on Facebook or bring your combinations with you on Monday. Anyone with a combination that matches what I have written down here in my notebook wins an immunity certificate. 🙂 Oh, and please don’t just write down combinations without doing the actual workout. I have ways of knowing whether or not you cheated! I’m sure there are some campers that can attest to how sneaky I am, lol!

Remember to warm those muscles up first, then cool down at the end… just trying to keep you safe!

Have fun! ❤


Gluten Free Kitchen Sink Pasta Salad


I’m always trying to think of easy, healthy lunch ideas that I can make a lot of. Things that I can throw into containers and that will feed us all week. We’ve been stuck on this one for several weeks now, just because it makes a lot, it keeps in containers rather well, it’s so versatile, it’s tasty, and healthy! I call it “Kitchen Sink Pasta Salad”, as you can throw in just about anything but the kitchen sink.

I’ll give you the base, then also some “throw in” ideas. You can really make it your own based on your tastes. There’s no right or wrong!

**To make it as healthy as possible, buy organic, non-gmo when you can!

Gluten Free Kitchen Sink Pasta Salad

Here’s what you need:


  • 16oz package Brown Rice Pasta (cooked)
  • 8 – 10oz jar Olive Bruschetta (basically olive salad)
  • 1 T. Nutritional Yeast (this is the kind I use: Bragg Nutritional Yeast)
  • 1 T. Turmeric
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


Throw In Ideas

  • Grated Carrots
  • Chopped Green Onions
  • Several Handfuls of Fresh Mixed Greens
  • Sliced Bell Peppers
  • Chopped Celery
  • Chopped Onions
  • Minced Garlic
  • Chopped Parsley
  • Sliced Mushrooms
  • Toasted Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds
  • Walnuts
  • If you’re wanting to add even more protein, Grilled Chicken works really well with it too.


Here’s what you do:

  • Cook Pasta.
  • Drain and rinse with cold water.
  • Add to a large bowl.
  • Add Olive Bruschetta, Turmeric, Salt and Pepper, then mix well.
  • Add in all of your other “throw in” ingredients.
  • Stir well with wooden spoon.
  • Refrigerate several hours (even better overnight).
  • Enjoy!

Fit Friday for June 2nd


Happy Fit Friday!

It’s June already! Ahhhhhhh! Can you believe how quickly time has gone by?! 😀 That means we only have 8 sessions left. I’m super proud of everyone and how hard you’ve worked these last several months. Let’s finish off this month strong!

Since it’s the first Friday in June, you get to choose what workout you’d like to do. It can be any prior Fit Friday. You can run, swim, ice skate, play volleyball, jump rope…anything to get your heart rate up!

Have fun and see you Monday! ❤