Weekend Workout – April 20th

Happy Friday!

We’re revisiting our workout from Monday, only without the running. And, this time you get to choose!

See how many rounds you can complete in 15 minutes and choose 1 from these:

4-18 1

4-18 2

4-18 3

4-18 4

Have fun! ❤


Weekend Workout – April 6th

Happy Friday!!! 😀

Great job on the Fit Test on Monday everyone! It’s a hard one, and like I said, even if your time didn’t improve, that doesn’t mean that you haven’t improved. You might be running faster or longer, or doing the harder versions of the exercises, so that means you’re getting stronger! We’ll revisit this Fit Test again at the end of April.

So, you’ll notice that your Weekend Workout is nothing other than the exercises on the Fit Test. Same thing, just without the 3 laps running. Really focus on doing the exercises with correct form. Taking a little longer to do them right is much more beneficial than blowing through them doing them incorrectly or only halfway.

You got this! ❤


Weekend Workout – March 30th

Happy Friday Campers!

I hope you are all ready for your Fit Test next week! You all have been working so hard, I know you will make huge improvements!

Your workout this weekend is an Every Minute on the Minute workout just like we did on Wednesday. At the start of the minute, you start the exercise and if you finish before the minute is up, you get to rest! You get to pick the 3 from the list you’d like to do, then go for 4 rounds.

Have Fun! ❤


Weekend Workout – March 9th

I’m sorry… I’m sorry… You know I do Birthday workouts for everyone, including myself! I wish I were still 21, however; there’s no point in denying my true age. I will say though, that I feel better and am in MUCH better shape at 36 than I was at 21!

If you missed Tuesday night’s run, then here’s your extra workout for the week. It’ll be tough, but I know you all can do it! ❤


Weekend Workout – March 2nd


This month’s Team winner is the……. SLIMSONS! They had great attendance, they got their extra workouts done and they won the Team Challenge. Way to go everyone!

Also, Congratulations goes to Jessica from The Bod Squad and Christina from the Slimsons for winning the month end prizes! They’ve been doing a great job! ❤

So, for your weekend workout, you’ll be doing the Deck of Cards workout like we did on Wednesday! I did move the exercises around and changed a couple of things so it isn’t exactly the same. If you don’t have a deck of cards, you can use this generator: Playing Card Generator.  You’ll leave everything checked, then also check that you want to add the Jokers.

Set your timers and get to it for 15 minutes!

Have fun! 😀